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FCASV Releases Position Statement: Sexual Battery Victims’ Right to Review the Final Law Enforcement Report and Provide a Statement

FCASV Legal Aid to Victims Fund

For victims of sexual violence throughout the state of Florida, free or low cost legal assistance is often not a viable option.  In response to the problem, FCASV has set up a program that aids victims who may not qualify for legal services assistance but still cannot afford to see an attorney.  Our goal is to give a victim in need the opportunity to gain an informed understanding of their legal rights through a consultation with an attorney who has expertise in the needed area.  To do this we need your help.  A donation to our fund allows us to match victims who contact us for legal assistance through our rape crisis hotline with attorneys in their area who can answer their questions.  Some legal issues that do not qualify for free or low cost legal aid are:

  • Criminal matters
  • Immigration cases
  • Prisoners rights/Incarcerated victims
  • Civil lawsuits
  • Conflict cases (i.e., the perpetrator has previously been a client of legal services so the victim cannot not now recieve assistance)

Particularly with the passage of HB 525, which will significantly alter 775.15 Florida Statues, we are preparing for many victims who will need legal assistance that cannot be provided by their local legal services office. This new law has removed the statute of limitations on civil lawsuits and criminal complaints for victims who were assaulted while the under age of 16. 


If you would like to donate, you may make checks payable to FCASV and mail to 1820 E. Park Ave, Suite 100, Tallahassee, FL 32301.  Please put 'Legal Aid for Victims Fund' in the memo line of any check made out to FCASV.  All donations are tax deductible.   You will receive a 'thank you' confirmation letter for your donation along with a mention of thanks in our quarterly newsletter.  For more information, please contact Ebony Tucker at

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