2015 Legislative Session Recap

This spring, the legislature passed several bills benefitting victims and survivors of sexual assault.  One of the biggest successes for survivors comes in the form of a bill criminalizing sexual cyberharassment, or revenge porn, in addition to provide victims civil remedial options in the form of injunctive and/or monetary relief.  FCASV recognizes Rep. Tom Goodson (Titusville) and Sen. David Simmons (Altamonte Springs) who have worked tirelessly for the past several years to pass this important legislation which was signed into law on May 14 and goes into effect on October 1.  

Another legislative victory for minor survivors is the passage of law creating an exception to the prohibition on use of intercepted wire or oral communications as evidence for prosecutions of acts of sexual abuse involving certain minor victims.   Effective July 1, a minor party may record such communication without the other party’s knowledge if the minor reasonably believes that the recording will capture evidence that the other party intends to commit, is committing, or has committed a violent crime or use of physical force upon the minor.  Thank you Rep. Moskowitz (Coral Springs), Sen. Benacquisto (Fort Myers), and Sen. W. Simpson (New Port Richey) for your hard work in enacting this very important legislation to protect minor victims!

The legislature passed several more bills which are awaiting presentation to Governor Scott, including an extension of the statute of limitations for adult victims of sexual battery from 4 to 8 years, public records exemptions related to the locations of safe houses for sex trafficking victims, and a prohibition on using mobile tracking devices on the vehicle of an individual without their consent.

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