FCASV Partners with Lauren's Kids to Produce Hope and Healing Disclosure Kit

FCASV is excited about a new resource for parents and caregivers of sexually abused children. The Hope and Healing Disclosure Kit is designed to help parents and caregivers who have just learned that their child was a victim of sexual abuse. The Disclosure Kit was funded by Lauren’s Kids , developed with input from parents, therapists and Florida’s Children’s Advocacy Centers, and produced by FCASV. It focuses on providing the information most parents are looking for. Parents often feel helpless and wonder, “What can I do? How do I know that my child is healing?” The Disclosure Kit addresses these concerns and helps guide parents, caregivers and children on a path to survivor-thrivership. It provides information to help parents deal with the complex process of reporting abuse to the authorities, the follow-up investigation, the emotional stress following disclosure, how to process the abuse as a family, and ultimately the experience of healing.

The Disclosure Kit will be available in both a print and online format to maximize the reach of these important materials. The online version contains videos and audio clips in English, Spanish and Creole to enhance the learning experience and to help families better anticipate some of the daunting experiences a child faces upon disclosure of abuse, such as forensic interviews, court appearances, and reactions from extended family and peers. The print version of the Kit will be available in English, Spanish and Creole.

The Hope and Healing Disclosure Kit contains the following information:

About Child Sexual Abuse: You and Your Family are Not Alone
Signs & Symptoms
Developmentally healthy sexual behaviors and warning signs

Reporting Sexual Abuse
What happens when you report and what to expect following the report
The Florida Abuse Hotline (1-800-962-2873)
Law Enforcement
Child Protection Teams

Safety Planning – ways to keep your child safe and on the path to healing

After Disclosure
Trauma Triggers – experiences that remind the child of the sexual abuse
Recovery Process
Short-term Effects
Long-term impact of unresolved child sexual abuse
School Bullying, Cyber Bullying and Cyber Predators

Getting Back to the New Normal
Recovery for the survivor
Parent and Caregiver recovery
Sibling response

Useful Forms
Reporting Details
Contact tracking form
Safety plan
Child behavior checklist
Court forms

Resource Guide – helpful website links
Resources for survivors
Resources for families
Interactive parent/caregiver-child worksheets to aide in healing

If you are interested in having Hope & Healing Disclosure Kits for your sexual assault programs, they will become available in August, 2015. For more information, contact Donna Brown at dbrown@fcasv.org.

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