2014 Training Summit in St. Pete Beach

FCASV’s 2014 Training Summit May 14-16th in St. Pete Beach, FL has already begun receiving national attention for its innovative focus on looking at our work to prevent and respond to sexual violence in a new light. PreventConnect, the national online project for the primary prevention of sexual and domestic violence, released a podcast last week of its interview with the summit’s opening keynote speaker Choton Basu, CEO of Slipstream, and Grace Frances of FCASV.  The discussion revolves around Choton’s presentation “Beyond Brochures and Flyers: The Future of Community Engagement.” He talks about how we define communities, advancements in how we reach them and the platforms we can use to involve them in co-creating the prevention of and response to sexual violence.

We’re excited that in addition to Choton and our other keynote presenters, The Angel Band Project, and Heather Imrie from Catharsis Productions, the summit will feature speakers from Colorado, Iowa, California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Washington DC and all across Florida. 

We also have a prevention track and a clinical track, each made up of six workshops.  For prevention we have Rachael Powers from the University of South Florida explaining their project to engage bartenders in bystander intervention.  Nicole Daley of Start Strong Boston presenting on how they use pop culture to engage youth in prevention, specifically talking about their Break-up Summits. Dating Matters of Broward County, FL will talk about their i2i Youth Ambassadors Program talking about their CDC sponsored project involving youth in messaging and promoting sexual assault prevention. Florida State University’s Annelise Mennicke will present on their social norms marketing campaign to engage men. Terri O’Brien of Sunrise of Pasco County will give attendees a toolkit including templates they can use with school administrators, parents and students to start up a prevention education program at local schools. Our keynote presenter, Heather Imrie will also do a planning and implementation follow-up workshop to her presentation “It’s Not Them, It’s You.” 

The clinical track encompasses a three-part advanced crisis intervention track, Contemporary Approaches for the Journey of Transforming Trauma taught by FSU College of Social Work’s Jane Dwyer. Juli Alvarez of Coaching for LIFE! is leading a three-part session on trauma informed care at the client, professional and organizational levels.

In addition there are almost 25 other workshops on everything from helping survivors heal through equine-facilitated psychotherapy, to advocating for survivors in public housing using Violence Against Women Act 2013 housing protections, to implementing online anonymous reporting options for sexual battery.

Visit our summit website and see why FCASV is more excited than ever about this event and emphasis of our workshops and keynotes that will help us view the mission to end sexual violence “Through a Different Lens.”