2016-2017 Statewide SART Guidance Released


In the 2016-2017 session, the Statewide SART membership was comprised of four subcommittees: Campus Services, Criminal Justice, Forensics, and Victim Services. Members for the 2016-17 year came from a variety of backgrounds and included survivors, campus equity officers, law enforcement, attorneys, advocates, and nurses. This year’s membership developed goals and guidance for providing meeting space for Title IX coordinators, developing training for judges and prosecutors, drafted a template for victim-centric case suspension forms, and advocated for housing protections for victims.

While no community is compelled to adopt these goals, the Statewide SART provides this information based on combined expertise in serving victims and survivors. The underlying theme is the importance of community- and system-based agencies reaching out and coming together to provide comprehensive and collaborative services for survivors.

The Florida Council Against Sexual Violence commends the hard work and dedication of the Statewide SART Advisory Committee members. We encourage policy makers and community leaders to consider their guidance in order to provide victims of sexual violence the response they deserve, and the services they need to overcome the trauma of rape.

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