"Healing Through Ink" Virtual Gallery


About the Project

During Sexual Assault Awareness Month, FCASV is hosting a Healing Through Ink virtual gallery. This project honors an alternative path to healing and sharing your story. The gallery allows survivors to share their chosen body art as a way of redefining and reclaiming their relationships with their bodies and identities. 

Interested participants are welcome to submit photos featuring their tattoos. This can include ink tattoos, henna tattoos, temporary tattoos, and drawings of tattoo art. Please submit your photos to nabara@fcasv.org. Submission does not guarantee the photos will be shared. FCASV will review all submitted materials. In the body of the email, please include permission for the submitted piece(s) to be shared on FCASV's website and social media platforms. 

These images represent the uniqueness of each victim's path and survivorship while serving as a reminder that you choose how to express your healing.


Submitted Images