FCASV Insight December 2018

FCASV Insight December 2018


Cold weather items

Continued Needs for Those Impacted by Hurricane Michael

With temperatures dropping, families and individuals affected by Hurricane Michael who have been displaced are in need of blankets, gloves, hand warmers, hats, etc. Gulf Coast Sexual Assault Program (GCSAP) has been working tirelessly to deliver items to those in need. If you'd like to help, you can ship these items to our office (address below) and we will get them delivered to GCSAP. You can also visit our Donate page and make an online contribution. You can include a contribution note letting us know you'd like your donation sent to GCSAP or used to buy these cold weather items.

FCASV Address: 1820 E. Park Ave., Suite 100, Tallahassee, FL 32301

Provide-logo 450pxW

Provide, Inc. Trainings to Assist Survivors Experiencing Unintended Pregnancy

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that almost half of all biologically female persons of child bearing age have had an unintended pregnancy(1). A percentage of these pregnancies result from rape. Because this issue significantly affects the health and wellness of the survivors that sexual assault programs work with, FCASV invited Provide, Inc., a national women’s health care non-profit organization, to conduct trainings for advocates, social service providers, and health care partners. In November and December, eight sexual assault programs across Florida hosted trainings where hundreds of professionals learned to offer non-judgmental all-options counseling and referrals to their clients. Whether they choose adoption, continuing the pregnancy to parent, or terminating the pregnancy, advocates can offer the information and support for whatever the survivor decides is right for them.

The all-options training focuses on: 

• Learning a simple model for effective referral-making. 
• Referral approaches that respect survivors’ confidentiality and right to make their own decisions. 
• Understanding general barriers for women accessing reproductive healthcare. 
• Using a toolkit of information for working with clients who are experiencing unintended pregnancy.

Provide uses the STAR referral model: 
SUPPORTIVE: Focus on your role to support the survivor’s decision. 
THOROUGH: Know the correct information and availability for the care the survivor seeks. 
ACTIVE: Provide proactive advocacy, helping locate and schedule care the survivor needs. Assist with logistics like childcare or transportation so they can use the referral they seek. 
REFERRAL—QUALITY: Verify the quality of the referral. Follow up with the survivor, asking about their experience with the provider to better help the next survivor seeking a referral.

Provide, Inc. also offers an array of technical assistance and resources for agencies. They have posters and flyers about pregnancy options that programs can request for their offices. In addition, Provide, Inc. maintains a current list of referrals for adoption, pregnancy termination, or parenting resources.

Sexual assault program advocates have to be prepared to assist survivors with any number of needs, from relocation, to utility assistance, to job seeking, to court accompaniment, to health care advocacy. The Provide trainings offer one more tool for the advocate tool belt so that survivors get the individualized help they need wherever their path leads.

(1) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Unintended Pregnancy.” Accessed December 10, 2018. https://www.cdc.gov/healthcommunication/toolstemplates/entertainmented/t...


Program Highlight: Victim Service Center of Central Florida

During the recent high profile Senate hearings and the intense social media conversations about sexual assault, the Victim Service Center of Central Florida wanted to find a way to move the conversation toward hope for those watching. We recognized that the exposure of this topic was causing some to relive their own trauma, including the many who never came forward. Our idea was to provide alternative content to encourage and inform, to help break down barriers, make the unknown less intimidating, and let victims know it was never too late.

On the day Dr. Ford testified we went Live on Facebook with a Victim Advocate. We talked about what happens when you call the 24/7 Crisis Helpline. What is the reporting process like? What information do I have to share? Will you believe me? That video was watched 1.2 thousand times in one week and reached over 2,500 people. That’s when we knew we had found a new way to get people the information they needed to access help.

We recognized that we were assisting many individuals who had recently disclosed in addition to secondary victims who were struggling with how to provide support to their loved ones. Just one week later, our next Facebook Live was watched 1.3 thousand times where we discussed how best to support a loved one who has been the victim of trauma with a Victim Advocate. We covered how to best respond when someone discloses to you, ways to be encouraging, and the importance of self-care.

This launched a series that is now known as The Healing Journey with VSC. Once a month we sit down interview style and talk about any topic we think will help break down barriers to accessing care and continue the conversation about sexual assault. In November, a VSC Therapist provided a session on preparing yourself to cope with additional holiday stress, which was followed up by a drop in support group on the same topic. In December, our Lead Therapist is discussing the benefits of group therapy and how to know if you are ready.

In 2019 we are planning on covering working with male victims, LGBTQ specific issues, as well as Spanish sessions. These sessions provide the audience the opportunity to gain insight, information, a sense of support, and empowerment. Topic opportunities are endless, and we are excited to break down barriers for victims who haven’t yet been ready to seek care.

New Shirt

High School Art Club Sponsored Student Fundraiser about Sexual Violence Awareness

I am Keairra Williams and I’m a senior at Steinbrenner High School. Last school year in April of 2018, I found an article on sexual assault, which then led me to find out it was sexual assault awareness month. After reading the article I was shocked; I didn’t think so many other people went through it. I read many statistics that I couldn’t believe, but the one that hit me the hardest was that 40% of sexual assault happens between ages 11-18, that was so crazy to me. That means almost half of my peers at school experienced such horrible things, and if I didn’t know about this then many others probably didn’t either.

That’s when I researched and found the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence, a nonprofit organization that helps many people in the situation that many of my peers might be in at that very moment. I found a way to email my principal later that night so I could tell her about an idea I had to sell t-shirts at my school and send the profit to the organization so we can help them help thousands of men and women who don’t know where to go. It ended up being a bigger success than I hoped, and to walk around seeing my classmates wearing the shirts and spreading awareness felt amazing.

I am proud of what I did last year and I wanted to do it again. I helped and made a difference in many people’s lives. The problem this year is that I am a senior and I’m graduating early. I asked Shelby Malouf to help me do the fundraiser earlier this year in January. Shelby loves the idea and was very excited and eager to help me spread the word. I am so lucky to have Shelby help me, and because she is an underclassman, she will help make this fundraiser a tradition that stays in our school, continuing years even after I leave.

Upcoming Events and Trainings

40-Hour Adult/Adolescent SANE Training

January 28 - February 1, 2019 
Fort Pierce, FL

For more information about the training and to register, visit fcasv.org.

One-Day Advanced SANE Sustainability Training

February 5, 2019 
Tampa, FL

For more information about the training and to register, visit fcasv.org.

One-Day Advanced SANE Training: Peer Case Review

February 6, 2019 
Tampa, FL

For more information about the training and to register, visit fcasv.org.

40-Hour Adult/Adolescent SANE Training

February 25 - March 1, 2019 
Tallahassee, FL

For more information about the training and to register, visit fcasv.org.

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