Advocate Meeting: Outreach and Advocacy to Incarcerated Survivors


We are excited to announce our first Zoom advocate meeting of the year! This meeting will focus on starting and sustaining outreach to incarcerated survivors. This is a population that remains underserved in the State of Florida. many of our programs currently provide services to this population but it is our hope that we can bring new programs on board to providing services to incarcerated survivors with this training.

We are thrilled to have Cassandra Moore, from Alachua County Victim Services, and Andrea Costello, from Legal Services of North Florida, joining us for this meeting to share their experiences and discuss legal services available to incarcerated survivors. This will be a virtual Advocate meeting for advocates in non-supervisory positions. This is not the weekly/biweekly advocate check-in we've been having over the last few months but will be a meeting that will help advocates collaboate and discuss issues pertaining to their work. 

This meeting will count towards the advocate's required 8 hours of training for the year. 

Please note: This meeting is for advocates from certified sexual assault programs ONLY.