SANE Clinical Skills Validation Training - Panama City - Morning Session

Panama City

Attending this training is for the purpose of validating a SANE trained nurse’s ability to conduct a thorough, appropriate and accurate medical forensic exam with evidence collection and packaging.  There are three reasons you might attend the training:  1) your SANE program’s leadership would like your SANE skills observed and validated (initially or as a quality assurance activity); 2) you would independently like the validation / review of your SANE skills; or 3) you need documentation to apply for the International Association of Forensic Nurses Adolescent / Adult SANE certification exam.  Since this is a validation training, when you arrive then you should be prepared to perform a mock exam with the SANE-A observing and providing minimal assistance.  For you to have an understanding of the needed competencies to be validated,you will receive a validation skill checklist that will be used at the training.

September 25, 2019

SANE Clinical Skills Validation Morning Session

8:30 am – 12:00 pm

Gulf Coast Sexual Assault Program
310 East 11th Street, Panama City, FL 33907

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No CEU's will be offered for this class.