SART Corner -- Tool Building: A Post-Lunch Opener

We have all had those moments at trainings or meetings where we are standing there hoping that the attendees will be able to bridge the gap between what they learned during an earlier session, to the material about to be presented. Factor in the post-lunch, siesta time doldrums and you have the makings of every facilitator’s nightmare: The participants have mentally checked out of the learning process because they are tired, bored, sleepy, or a combination thereof.

In practice, there are several ways to combat this. One effective option is to add an interactive activity. This both reinvigorates and builds a group’s cohesion. A fun activity to try at your next SART meeting or training is to take a beach ball (available at most dollar stores) and use a permanent marker to write open-ended questions on each color segment. During the post-lunch opener have participants toss the ball to each other and answer the question closest to their right hand after they’ve caught the ball. A question example: “What is one common reaction to trauma?” Keep tossing the ball until the time allotted has run out or until all the participants have had a turn.

FCASV invites you to try this activity at your next SART meeting or training. If you do so, please send us your pictures and/or feedback.