Advocacy Core Training


FCASV has updated the Advocacy Core Training (ACT), a skills based online training with in-person components required for direct service advocates, volunteers, and their supervisors at FCASV certified sexual assault programs.

To register for the new ACT:

  1. Click this REGISTRATION link.
  2. Select ACT Training under Course Categories.
  3. Find your agency in the list of sexual assault programs, and create a new account (all users must create a new account).
  4. The system will automatically send an email confirmation. After you confirm the registration, you will immediately be able to sign into ACT.
  5. When prompted, enter the Enrollment Key provided by your ACT supervisor and start the training.

You must be a staff member or volunteer of a Florida certified sexual assault program to take ACT.

Previous version ACT users:

The previous version of the Advocacy Core Training will be available to those already enrolled through September 14. Click here to log into the previous version of ACT.

Previous version ACT assistance:

New password? Click here (NOTE: your password is the same password you entered when you registered. A new password may take up to 4 hours to take effect.)

Need support? Click here to send a support request to FCASV staff 

Have a question? Click here to read FAQ


For assistance with either ACT Training you may contact Juanita Sapp at