Unshame Project Engages Survivors in Social Media

FCASV is proud to stand behind a new social movement to help end victim blaming, extinguish shame and promote healing: Unshame.

After attending Choton Basu’s keynote address at the 2014 FCASV Biannual Training Summit: Through a Different Lens, Gretchen Casey and Robin Graber were inspired to start a social media movement that revolves around removing shame from victims of sexual assault. With the help of Mr. Basu and FCASV, the conversation which began that day evolved into a Facebook page with a multitude of positive articles and messages for survivors. In its short time, Unshame has gathered over 1,200 likes on Facebook as well as extended their reach outside the social media sphere. Unshame just launched their website in May (www.unshame.org), aiming to provide a place on the internet where anyone can go to submit a note of kindness and compassion toward a survivor, or where a survivor can share their story for inspiration, all with the purpose of erasing shame.

To commemorate Unshame’s website launch, FCASV is encouraging everyone to visit/like Unshame’s Facebook page as well as to submit your own message for survivors on their website. Create a 1-2 sentence message of hope, inspiration, compassion, or humanity and post it on Unshame.org.  Messages can be anonymous or signed, and information about rape crisis centers is welcome.  Staff, volunteers, board members, agency partners—ANYONE can create an Unshame message.

FCASV is excited about the creation of a strong, online presence where victims, survivors and all interested people can turn to for inspiration and guidance.

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