Whisper to ROAR Summit Recap

The Summit theme this year – “Whisper to ROAR” – represented the strengthening of the anti-sexual violence movement through the powerful advocacy by and on behalf of survivors that has furthered the advancement of sexual violence awareness. This awareness gives survivors the power to no longer whisper their stories, but instead, to raise their voices, ensure their stories are heard, and roar for change.

In an effort to continue this educational force, FCASV’s 2016 Biennial Training Summit offered insights from presenters of varied backgrounds and discussions among different experts and advocates. With more than 30 workshops, speeches, and films, there was a wide-range of topics covered from sexual assault on college campuses to human trafficking to male sexual assault.

In addition to diverse topics, this year’s Summit also featured various unique tracks:  LGBTQ+ practices, clinical track on facilitating support groups, special populations outreach, human trafficking, and a series with survivor stories.

Two powerful keynote speeches were presented by Russell Strand, Chief, Behavioral Sciences Education &Training Division with the U.S. Army Military Police School, and Sofie Karasek, Director of Education and Co-Founder, End Rape on Campus.

Karasek discussed how student survivors connected, held their educational institutions accountable under the federal gender equity law Title IX, and framed campus rape as a national crisis. Strand’s presentation explored societal myths and biases that enable the sex offender to operate successfully among us without suspicion and detection. In addition to presenting a keynote speech and leading multiple workshops, Strand led a two day pre-summit training for law enforcement and prosecutors on trauma informed sexual assault responses.

Attendees who had the chance to watch one of the film screenings found the material sometimes hard to watch but felt the information was vitally important in raising awareness of the harsh realities faced by the different populations highlighted. The three impactful films presented: Rape in the Fields, Rape on the Night Shift, and The Hunting Ground.

Your feedback and ideas are vital to the success of the Summits and we welcome you to send in thoughts and comments for our next Summit in 2018.